World refugee day 2014

Beyond "he" and "she"

Mae Sot is a Western Thailand district that shares a border with Burma. 

Last week, on June 20, was the commemoration of the World Refugee Day and I had the chance to visit the Mae La Refugee Camp. According to UNHCR, there are more than 50 million refugees around the world, and half are women and children. Mae La refugee camp was established in 1984 in Mae Sot and houses nowadays 50,000 refugees, mostly Karen from Burma.

The flood of Burmese refugees into Thailand began in the 1980s with the Burmese military junta that was later bolstered by ethnic conflicts where Karen and Karenni were prosecuted. While recent reforms in military-dominated Burma promoted by the democracy icon, Aung San Suu Kyi elected to Parliament, along with the suspension of Western sanctions and the release of political prisoners, the refugees “situation” remain. Many refugees who fled decades of ethnic conflict have lost their lands…

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2 thoughts on “World refugee day 2014

    • I’m not sure there ever was any global citizenship. Think about the Arabs and the Mughols who invaded India…
      (Long before the Brits)
      But it would be nice. And get rid of corrupt governments too. 🙂

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