Santa Fe: A millionaire project built upon the Other

Beyond "he" and "she"

Abdul and his neighbors were squatting on land that belonged to the Airports Authority of India. Only a coconut-tree-lined thoroughfare separated the slum from the entrance to the international terminal. Serving the airport
clientele, and encircling Annawadi, were five extravagant hotels: four ornate, marbly megaliths
and one sleek blue-glass Hyatt, from the top-floor windows of which Annawadi and
several adjacent squatter settlements looked like villages
that had been
 airdropped into gaps
between elegant modernities.
Katherine Boo – Behind the Beautiful Forevers 2013

Mexico City is one of the largest metropolitan regions in the world and the capital of a country labeled as an upper middle-income country by development organizations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Despite this somewhat arbitrary categorization, poverty can be seen in any city of the country and, in any area of the megacity.

Mexico City produces approximately 22% of the country’s GDP and…

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4 thoughts on “Santa Fe: A millionaire project built upon the Other

    • And right you are! It was – and still is – Highway robbery. Including the most expensive toll highway in Mexico. Huge profits for a happy few. (The usual suspects) and hardly any infrastructure built. Sewage, water, connecting roads. At 5pm the whole place is chaos. for a good couple of hours. Whenever I have a client meeting in Santa Fe I try to schedule in the morning.
      (Whatever happened to Darx circle?) 😦

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