The PUI Project – Medellin

Beyond "he" and "she"


“Colombia’s Medellin miracle” By Anthony Faiola – Jul 11, 2008

“Medellin Sheds Cocaine Image to Become Cultural Hot Spot” By Christopher Bagley – Nov 21, 2012

“Medellin Homicide Rate Tumbles After Mafia Pact” by Natalie Southwick – Nov 13, 2013

“Medellin: A city in Metamorphosis” by Jesus Ruiz Manila – Nov 13, 2013

Medellin, once known as the murder capital of the world, is Colombia’s second largest city with approximately 3.5 million inhabitants. In the 1990s, Medellin had a murder rate of 380 per 100,000 people. Years later, the world’s most violent city is now San Pedro Sula in Honduras, with a homicide rate of 169 per 100,000, less than half the rate Medellin reached in its peak. Medellin has a complicated history of urban violence involving drug cartels, guerrillas, local militias and paramilitaries.

Medellin was the hometown of Pablo Escobar and the base of the Medellin Cartel. The…

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